AWB Tracking

Direct Consignee






Step to dispatch cargo


Step 1: Securities checking documents

You should present the following documents at the security gate:

- Shipper Instruction for Dispatch (SID) with all items filled in. SID can be obtained at Airlines' offices, or TCS Export documentation office.

- Confirmed booking sheet from the airlines.

Step 2: Cargo acceptance

- Inform the acceptance staff assigned for the particular flight.

- Coordinate with acceptance staff to supervise shipment when unloading, building up into ULD

- Acceptance staff will check quantity, weight, size and other handling requirements and sign up the SID.

Step 3: TCS documentation

- Go to TCS Export documentation office to pay storage charge, service charge and other charges (if any)

Step 4: Customs clearance and other required procedures

- Customs clearance is done here; present all relevant documents when required.

- In case of not being able to complete Customs clearance, please inform acceptance staff.

Step 5: Security scanning documentation

- Once Customs clearance has been done, please inform to acceptance staff to prepare for security screening of cargo.

Step 6: Make Airway bill in Airlines' office

- Airway Bills issuance is carried out at Airlines' offices. Vietnam Airlines will issue AWB at VN Cargo office next to TCS Export Documentation office.



    Line direction: handling shipments WITHOUT MAWB or cargo forwarding agents WITHOUT MAWB, airlines’ booking and NOT READY to paste MAWB when unloading.

+ Transporting vehicles to park in “Parking and waiting for unloading area: Area G

    Line direction: handling shipments WITH MAWB or cargo forwarding agents WITH MAWB, airlines’ booking and READY to paste MAWB when unloading.

+ Transporting vehicles to park in the “Parking and Unloading area”: Number 2

+ TCS staff will prioritize to unload and build up into ULD (pallet, container).

    Line direction: handling consolidation shipments, post packages and shipments for green and yellow lines transported by motorbikes and tricycles.

For special cases. TCS will assist to come up with best possible solutions to customers.